LooFinder Ux/Ui Project


Last year, I decided it was time to branch out and take a step back from printed graphics. I wanted to learn a bit about digital graphics, and registered to a Ux/i course in Netcraft without the faintest idea what it was. And I enjoyed every second of it. I want to share with you my final project in the course. For the final project I designed an app called LooFinder. At the time of the course, I was expecting, and I found that decent restrooms could be pretty difficult to access in many cities. When roaming around in the Old City in Jerusalem, I found myself in quite a predicament. I was 8 months pregnant and I needed to get myself to a restroom pronto! None of the stores I visited let me use their facilities, even when I offered to buy a few items in their store. I ended up using a ridiculously filthy underground restroom attached to a small Pizzeria. That was when I recognized a business opportunity. If each person paid the store for the use of their facilities I thought that they would be more willing to grant users access. And that really added a lot of fun things to my project. There were now two types of users, those searching to use the restrooms, and those interested in opening their businesses to get more traffic brought about by users seaking their facilities for a small fee. Please enjoy the video of my application's main sequence of action.

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