Lemons Stationery


When I began working at a paper boutique in the center of Israel, many of the competing companies had started cutting corners by purchasing ready made designs in China. They would then make a few minor adjustments to cater to their Israeli clientele, mostly just flipping the design so the users could right ritght-to-left, and selling them for the same price as the other Israeli artis’ designs to double their profits. That sort of forced us to get even more creative and search for ways to make extra special designs that could stand out and compete with cheaper Chinease designs. One such product was inspired by many different ideas strung together – the Orchard collection recipe book was inspired by Parisean bistro, apothecary illustrations with a modern flare and clean art deco elements. The collection later expanded to many more products, some of which you can see in the photo above: shopping lists, letters, magnets, notebooks and weekly planners.

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