Cherie Paper Collection Design & Illustration


During my time working for Dornat paper goods boutique, I had the pleasure of illustrating my own paper collections which were sold internationally in famous bookstore chains such as Steimatzky, Tzomet Sfarim, Karvitz and Dutyfree in Israel. One of my favorite paper collections was a water color stationery set I named Cherie. The whimsical designs were a hit, and weekly planners, monthly calendars, recipe books and magnets were made with the illustrations I painted and later scanned and developed. The design process of the collection from its early stages shows how much thought was given to each miniscule detail while taking into serious consideration the designs that consumers wish to have on their desktop on a day-to-day basis. We found that the more mundane old-fashioned icons were less interesting than the floral compositions, and we began adding touches of glitter and gold foil to the designs. Here is a small taster of the many products we designed using my illustrations. If you wish to purchase any of the paper goods, visit

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