Birthday T-Shirt Design

In this project, I was requested to do a birthday t-shirt design for a group of very good friends all of whom share the same birthday. The girls were on their way to Cyprus, where they hoped to spend a memorable week-end on the picturesque beaches of Cyprus.

The design was made to have a girly, summery feel which would symbolize the girls’ friendship. The shirts were designed to serve as souvenir that would remind the friends of their unique relationship and how much they loved and enjoyed their trip.

בפרויקט הזה התבקשתי לעשות עיצוב מיוחד עבור קבוצת חברות טובות שנולדו באותו יום. הן תכננו לנסוע לקפריסין כדי לחגוג את היום המיוחד שלהן בחופים המהממים של האי וביקשו שאעצב להם חולצה מיוחדת למזכרת.

Birthday T-Shirt Design

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