Law Firm Identity Design

Israel Pesach Attorney at Law is a high-end law firm situated in the center of Israel. I received a request from the firm for a clean, sharp, and a highly professional looking identity and logo, which they needed within one week from the time of the request. The clients stressed the importance of sticking to a black and white color scheme which would portray the law firm’s solidity, strength, and quality to the viewers.

It was a pretty intense week of frantic emails flying back and forth between the client and I. Many sketches, concepts and ideas were tossed about, but after many deliberations we finally came to a conclusion.

We decided to go with a courthouse looking concept that incorporated the initials of the client. The typefaces I used to represent the clients’ requirements were Futura and Bodoni for added legibility. These fonts also provided the logo with a more crisp and geometrical look.

Law Firm Identity


Shiraink. Law Firm IP Law

Law Business Card

Law Business Card


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