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About Shira Ink.

Shira Ink. is the website and portfolio of my design and art work.

I am a creative freelance graphic designer with 2 years of experience in the field. The reason I decided to go into graphics was because I have a knack for expressing my ideas in unique ways.

My passion for creatively expressed visual communication drives me to push the boundaries of graphic design across all mediums and to incorporate whatever tools I have at my disposal. For example, much of my creative inspiration comes from random doodles, fashion, music, and even food. And I love seeing the many different ways you can carry out one idea.

Key Skills

I love designing beautiful things. My favorite kind of design is logo design because it identifies and illustrates the concept of all designs. I am very resourceful, I work quickly and efficiently, and I have little trouble working under pressure if the need to do so arises.

Shira Ink. Office and Logo presentation. Please contact if you are looking for a freelance designer!

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